Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shower time!

It really showered during Timothy and Emilee's shower.
That's a sign of good luck.
Meanwhile, our family firebugs lit up the grill and cooked hamburgers and hot dogs.
The grandparents chatted inside.
Nanna made the punch.  Old fashioned orange sherbert mixed with ginger ale.  Delicious!
Hope surprised us by driving down from Troy.
Grace and Avery played follow the leader.
And held hands everywhere they went.
Soon it was time for the shower to begin.  We started by blessing the food.
And then eating.  The nearly newlyweds went first.
They make such a sweet couple.
There had to be at least 65 people there because every chair was full.  Although we never got an official tally.  And this was just a family affair...
Then we played a game of "Imagine if" to see how well they knew each other.  Timothy and Emilee did quite well.
Most of the time.  The crowd roared with laughter over some of the questions.  I have it on video and will try to upload it here later.
Then it was present time!
Timothy was so sweet and let Emilee do the opening.
One of the first presents they opened was one of my favorites.
Their wedding vows hand embroidered in their wedding colors.
Congratulations Timothy and Emilee.  You made a beautiful couple and I am so looking forward to your wedding.  We wish you both a lifetime of love, laughter, and grace.

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